Best practices:

Lead generation

for B2B tech companies

Fill your sales pipeline with qualitative leads using the strategies the world's most successful B2B marketers swear by.

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97% of B2B marketers achieve higher ROI with ABM than with any other marketing strategy (Alterra Group, 2018), and businesses that use inbound marketing consistently report an average cost per lead drop by 80% (Forrester, 2018). 

With those numbers in mind, it shouldn't come as a surprise that ABM and inbound are the B2B marketer's preferred strategies. We’ve created this guide to help you build, improve and scale your B2B lead generation strategy by combining account based marketing and inbound marketing.

Let's fill your sales pipeline and make sure it stays that way. What do you say? 

In this eBook we cover:

  • The basics of lead generation strategies
  • Why lead generation is different for B2B companies
  • How to develop your buyer personas
  • Best practices for account based marketing
  • Best practices for inbound based marketing
  • The technology you need to amplify your lead generation efforts
  • Where to invest in 2019

Lead generation for B2B tech companies

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