Discover how we used inbound marketing to position Ballou as a thought leader on hybrid cloud solutions.

How do you become a thought leader?

Becoming a thought leader requires a lot of both quantitative and qualitative content. Discover how we initiated the process and helped Ballou generate more than 140 leads.


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Leads generated


Ballou is a Swedish IT operations and hosting company. They offer a wide array of internet services och solutions with focus on cloud operations. Ballou help companies with their IT both as strategic advisor as well as technical expert. Ballou's vision is to become Sweden's leading provider of hybrid cloud solutions. Ballou wanted to utilize inbound marketing tactics to come closer to their vision.  



Ballou has done one previous inbound marketing campaign, in the spring of 2018. Both Brightvision and Ballou was satisfied with the campaign and Ballou decided to work more with us. Starting September 2018, Ballou had a designated consultant on a 10 hours/week basis. Since the first inbound campaign was successful, Ballou wished to do something similar, but on the topic of hybrid cloud solutions.  The purpose of the inbound marketing campaign was to position Ballou as a thought leader on hybrid cloud solutions and to generate new high-quality leads. 



In order to fulfill the purpose of the inbound initiative, we had to deliver engaging content to the right people at the right time. An inbound marketing campaign on hybrid cloud solutions was planned, produced and launched. The campaign used two content pillars to generate new leads, and utilized automated nurture flows to drive the leads down the funnel and closer to a purchase decision. The lead generating inbound campaign, with the following components:


  • A nurture flow consisting of multiple emails, each centered on a specific stage of the buyer's journey
  • Customized landing and thank you pages
  • An E-book with focus on hybrid cloud solutions
  • A webinar on the same topic lead prospects further along the buyer's journey
  • Paid promotion on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Organic social posts
  • Marketing Automation System management
  • Lead qualification

Our work

The goal was to generate leads and build awareness around Ballou. In order to succeed, we needed to adapt an inbound strategy focusing on providing the right content, to the right target group, at the right time. 


Campaign strategy

All successful marketing campaigns begin with research and a thorough understanding of the company and the market it operates in. We invited Ballou to a workshop to get a better understanding of their challenges and needs. After a second workshop we were equipped with enough information and insights to create a results-oriented campaign strategy. The strategy consisted of a tailored buyer persona, messaging, campaign timeline and components, as well as content strategy.  The chosen theme for the campaign was “Cloud Trends 2019.”

Campaign structure 

Once the campaign strategy had been defined and approved by Ballou, we entered the production phase. Since we had already implemented an inbound campaign for Ballou previously, a lot of essential components were already in place such as email and landing page templates. Just like previous campaign, we utilized marketing automation system SharpSpring.

We built two landing pages in SharpSpring which were connected to dynamic forms and automated email workflows to optimize for conversion.

Webinar landing page


Premium content

Once the campaign structure was in place (landing pages, forms, email workflows), we were ready to populate it with premium content.

Content is what makes an inbound marketing campaign. It’s what creates interest and engages the buyer persona and drives conversion. We produced a trend report based on the chosen theme for the campaign, titled “Cloud trends 2019 – everything you need to know about the cloud.” This was made available for download on the landing pages.

We also built a landing page for a live webinar hosted by Ballou. The theme for this webinar was how to optimize a hybrid cloud. The webinar was recorded and made available as a on-demand webinar that keeps generating leads for Ballou.

An automated email workflow was activated after the trend report had been downloaded. These emails contained educational content such as case studies and blog posts focusing on the hybrid cloud. The purpose was to engage leads and to guide them in their buyer journey.



Paid promotion

Our inbound campaigns are promoted using both organic and paid advertising. Ballou’s campaign was promoted organically on Facebook and LinkedIn, using sponsored posts on LinkedIn for an additional boost in reach.

The advertising efforts for the trend report as well as the webinar generated good results. The sponsored LinkedIn campaign for the trend report saw a CTR of 1.78 percent. This can be compared to LinkedIn’s average benchmark which is 0.15 percent (AdStage).




Once the campaign has finished it was time to analyze the results to find further insights about our market, buyer persona and content. This is an essential part of any campaign in order to optimize and make improvements.

At the end of each campaign, we evaluate our campaigns based on two criteria:

  1. Did we reach the campaign goal(s)?

  2. Was the customer satisfied with the results?

The campaign delivered a total of 144 leads for Ballou, split between trend report downloads and webinar registrations.

Following the campaign analysis, we presented the results along with insights and recommendations for the next step. After completion, Ballou chose to purchase a retainer and have a dedicated consultant working 10 hours a week alongside their in-house team.




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