Find out how market mapping gave VMware a better understanding of their customers' organizational structure


VMware is a global business that offers cloud services and other IT solutions. VMware streamlines the journey for organizations to become digital businesses that deliver better experiences to their customers and empower employees to do their best work.

In October 2018, VMware reached out to Brightvision as they wanted help with a customer analysis of the market in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. VMware's desire was to gain deeper knowledge and a better understanding of the hierarchy of a number of their enterprise accounts. Brightvision was asked to make an analysis of each market and at the same time ensure that as much information as possible from each account was extracted, e.g. in terms of main challenges, competitors and in which direction the company was heading.


By creating a better understanding of the customers' organizational structure, VMware was hoping to develop their customer relations and be able to reach out with more customized offers to the right person. By doing so, the ultimate goal was to get more satisfied customers and generate higher ROI. Brightvision's goal was to compile 10-15 contact persons per account and also get as much useful information as possible.


To meet the customer's expectations, Brightvision needed to build a clear outbound process and create winning pitches adapted both by country, market, and industry. Brightvision's primary challenge was to bring clarity to the hierarchy of the Enterprise customers; who reports to whom, who is responsible for each area etc. To maximize the benefit of the work, Brightvision created an analysis for each of the enterprise accounts. The aim was to make the reports both profound and easy to overview.




Campaign Strategy

A project of this kind requires good collaboration, which was also something that came to permeate the entire campaign. Weekly reconciliations were held throughout the campaign, where the customer was updated on the progress of the work. Both parties were aware that the start-up is crucial to the actual outcome. Consequently, a lot of time was invested to get everything right from the start. The nature of the project required several pitches customized to each country and market etc. This was done in close collaboration with each of VMware's responsible Account Managers.

Brightvision's BDRs worked on the following strategy:

  1. Careful start-up to lay the foundation to the campaign

  2. Identification of the target: what does VMware want with each account

  3. Work through the lists of relevant enterprise

  4. Start the calls and contact the enterprises

  5. Summary of the result

  6. Submission of mapping to VMware



VMware was hoping to gain in-depth knowledge of their corporate accounts. Our concrete goal was to deliver 10-15 contact persons per account. At the end of the campaign, we had not only met our goals and the customer's hopes - but in Sweden, we also multiplied the number of contacts generated. At the end of the campaign, we had an average of 150 contacts in three of the accounts.

With a great outcome, exemplary collaboration and a satisfied customer, this was an ABM marketing campaign done right.

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