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Optimizing Lead Generation and Paid Media for SaaS/PIM: Akeneo and Brightvision's Retainer-Based Collaboration

By partnering with Brightvision, Akeneo has been able to increase their performance through targeted and effective paid media. With a focus on long-term collaboration and growth, Brightvision's expertise within paid media and holistic B2B tech marketing expertise has helped Akeneo improve their results. Keep reading to learn more about how Brightvision's continuous contribution to Akeneo is unlocking their potential in the B2B tech space.


About Akeneo

Akeneo is a product experience company that offers a SaaS-based solution called the Akeneo Product Cloud. Their solution is designed to help businesses optimize product experiences across channels. Akeneo has over a couple of hundred enterprise customers, including global brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. In addition, their mission is to assist businesses in optimizing customer experiences and increasing retention, acquisition, and advocacy through the use of their product information.  


Akeneo approached Brightvision for assistance with high-quality lead generation. While Akeneo had an in-house content creation team, they lacked the paid media expertise necessary to maximize the performance of their marketing assets and generate high-quality leads in some of their target markets.

How the collaboration started and has evolved

The retainer collaboration between Brightvision and Akeneo was initiated in the fall of 2021. The focus has since been on paid performance and generating high-quality leads. Brightvision's approach to retaining long-term collaboration and successful outcomes for Akeneo has been to stay agile, performance-driven, and with a strong focus on continuous testing and optimizations.

The paid media initiatives have included, among other things, retargeting setup and the running of multiple "layered" always-on campaigns simultaneously, adopting an omnichannel paid strategy approach. Moreover, the Brightvision team has increased efficiency by creating ad templates and designs to save time and money, and to be able to be more proactive and to faster iterate and optimize ads.

Since 2021, the collaboration between Brightvision and Akeneo has evolved significantly. Initially,  Brightvision was helping Akeneo in the Benelux and Nordics regions, and later, after successful results from the retainer collaboration, Brightvision was asked and entrusted to take over the UK account as well.

Highlighting milestones

Brightvision has achieved several significant milestones in its collaboration with Akeneo. One of the most notable achievements was establishing a successful lead generation machine in the Nordics and Benelux, which showed a growth increase of 50% QoQ from Q2 2022 to Q2 2023.  

Additionally, when Brightvision took over Akeneo's Google Search account in the UK, it generated 98% more quality MQLs than before. Furthermore, the team managed to lower the CPL by 50% (compared to Q1 2022) and established a new benchmark for the client. Another achievement worth mentioning is the 43% increase in leads from Q4 to Q1.

Brightvision's marketing experts have helped Akeneo achieve:

43 % lead increase
50 % decrease in CPL
50 % growth increase

Campaign Strategy

1. Agile, data-driven mindset:

The collaboration is underpinned by an agile, performance-driven, and data-driven approach. The Brightvision team is proactively looking for ways to improve the campaigns, and provide recommendations and suggestions to Akeneo based on data and website analysis, in order to achieve shared collaboration goals.

2. Transparency:
Another key to success is the upholding of honesty and transparency throughout the collaboration with Akeneo. Brightvision and Akeneo transparently and regularly communicate performance, data-driven optimizations, and from there quickly reach agreement on an action plan for hitting the desired results.

3. Always-on approach:
The long-term always-on paid media strategy with multiple simultaneously running campaigns, has indeed been a factor driving success as well. Rather than merely pursuing "one-push campaigns", this always-on approach has enabled Akeneo's and Brightvision's collaboration to spread out the risks. Leveraging a range of tactics to find out what is most suitable over time to hit the target goals and be proactive in the always-on retainer approach, has been a driver for generating great results.

3. Full-service delivery:
Brightvision's extensive B2B tech and full-service delivery experience and the fact that the multi-faceted team can provide expert insights and recommendations not only for paid media, but also with the perspective of other relevant marketing pieces, is of great value in this collaboration.  It is also a significant success factor that the Brightvision team is able to control all elements of the campaign, including the promotion duration, spend per asset, messaging, and design. By maintaining comprehensive oversight of these crucial campaign elements, Brightvision leverages its full-service capabilities to maximize the potential for success. See some examples on ads we've created for Akeneo below.


Plan forward for the collaboration

The plan forward for the retainer-based collaboration with Akeneo is to continue reaching ambitious growth targets by increasing the number of MQLs and SQLs. Still having in mind to avoid "burning" the target audience with aggressive advertising, and to be mindful of the long-term goals for the collaboration. The focus, moreover, is to continue growing alongside Akeneo, help them grow further, and continue optimizing initiatives to pave the way for long-term growth success for Akeneo. Through this continued partnership, Brightvision and Akeneo are growing together and unlocking new opportunities for success.

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