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Pedab Storage Palace: Crafting a Unique Infographic Experience

Discover how Brightvision brought Pedab's IBM Storage solutions to life through a creative infographic. Our journey with Pedab, an IBM partner, involved designing a unique concept - "Customize Your Storage Palace" - that highlights the versatility and customization of IBM's storage services, engagingly presented through vibrant visuals and strategic LinkedIn advertising.

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Data storage is the foundation of any modern organization, but finding new and engaging ways to present this topic can be a challenge. That's where we come in. Our client, Pedab, a partner of IBM, tasked us with creating an infographic that showcased the benefits of IBM Storage.

Insights & Concept Creation

Through our research, we discovered the true power of IBM Storage lies in its ability to build upon a variety of services, such as AI, Backup & Recovery, Hybrid Cloud Storage, and Storage as a Service. This realization led to the creation of our unique concept: "Customize Your Storage Palace." This idea emphasizes that the user, who knows their business's challenges, needs, and goals best, is in the best position to shape their storage solution. Pedab and IBM provide the tools to make this possible.

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Design Process & Ideas

After the client approved the concept of "Customize Your Storage Palace", we designed an image of a storage palace built on the cloud, to clearly convey the solution of cloud storage. One of the biggest design challenges was finding a way to visually emphasize the element of customization. To overcome this, we came up with the idea of including an image of a hand picking and building with various tools provided by Pedab, like lego blocks. This served to communicate the high level of customization available with the product and reinforced the main message we wanted to convey to our target audience.

Color Palettes

To reflect the brand of Pedab, we incorporated their signature blue and red colors into a softer color palette, while also adding shades of nude, brown and green to give the visual a vibrant and dynamic appearance.

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“The concept was fantastic, exceeding our expectations. It was exactly what we wanted and even more”

Robin Alexandrie, 
Partner Development Manager at Pedab


Our infographic, based on the concept 'Customize Your Storage Palace', provides background information about data storage and its importance, and delves into the challenges organizations face in this regard. We then present the solution and explain how it works, all within the context that you can customize your 'storage palace' to fit your specific needs with the functions you require.

Infographic Pedab Brightvison


LinkedIn Ads

To drive engagement with our infographic, we utilized LinkedIn advertising. We aligned the visual tone of the ads with that of the infographic. In the ad copy, we emphasized the concept of "Customize Your Storage Palace" by highlighting that Pedab gives users the tools to shape their own storage solution, and posing the question of what their unique storage palace might look like. This approach effectively captured the interest of our target audience and encouraged them to engage with the infographic.
The concept was fantastic, exceeding our expectations. It was exactly what we wanted and even more. Brightvision was the sole creator of this concept and their creative team did an excellent job. We are completely satisfied with the outcome. The experience of working with Brightvision was great. They were professional, easy to work with and ensured a safe, organized and well-coordinated project. The project manager (Ronja) provided continuous follow-ups and had a great drive to ensure the project's completion. We appreciate the ideas and suggestions provided by the team and their understanding of our company and business. We cannot thank Brightvision enough for their outstanding efforts.
– Robin Alexandrie, Partner Development Manager, Pedab
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