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How We Helped a Legal Tech Company Expand from Denmark to Europe Together with Brightvision

Discover how Brightvision outsourced a growth team that took a legal SaaS company’s sales from 0 to 1 M SEK/MRR in 12 months. By integrating Inside Sales Representatives from Brightvision into their sales team, the legal tech company was able to quickly expand to Sweden, Finland, Germany, and France, and achieved impressive business growth while minimizing risk and commitment.



Our client is a legal technology and compliance company that provides secure and anonymous whistleblower solutions. The implementation of a new EU directive for their market resulted in a significant increase in demand in their market and a quick expansion was needed to avoid losing market share to the competition.

The Challenge

The legal tech company hired Brightvision to scale up their business with the right people during a rapid expansion, without having to waste time on recruiting and training sales teams which are both time-consuming and the results are sometimes hit-or-miss. 

Brigtvision could offer experienced sales consultants, reducing internal stress, and upfront investment, allowing our client to stay agile as the market evolved. Native-speaking Inside Sales Representatives from various countries would have to be onboarded and added to the project as the legal tech company launched into new markets.  

Successful Market Expansion & Sales Scaling with Inside Sales Services

By using Brightvision‘s Inside Sales Representatives, the legal tech company was able to outsource its entire sales process in new markets without losing progress and focus on their home market in Denmark.

The collaboration was proven so successful that the client could scale up significantly alongside Brightvision’s team of experienced sales consultants. Brightvision’s contribution started with one inside sales representative but was by the end of the project providing 12 full-time inside sales representatives who together would represent over 60% of the legal tech company's generated revenue during 2022. When the handover was due 18 months after the start the legal tech company had grown their number of employees by over 300% and was active on four new markets.

“Our client started with one ISR but was by the end of the project providing 12 full-time inside sales representatives who together would represent over 60% of the legal tech company's generated revenue during 2022.”


The process

The legal tech company trusted us to meet their goals and uphold their quality of service and product by outsourcing their full sales funnel to us. Starting with one consultant, we began booking and holding meetings, and were soon closing sales. As the client was impressed with the results, they expanded the collaboration, and the project ramped up quickly.

A couple of months later, Brightvision provided 12 full-time consultants to help represent the legal tech company in Sweden, Finland, Germany, and France. Brightvision has assisted the legal tech company with inside sales activities to cover their whole sales process; all the way from prospecting, holding sales meetings, closing deals and getting signed contracts, and planning onboarding of new customers.

"Brightvision provided 12 full-time consultants to help represent the legal tech company in Sweden, Finland, Germany, and France."

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With this project, our client was able to quickly enter new markets and grow its sales. Brightvision provided proof of concept in different markets, making it easier for the legal tech company to approach the unknown. Our client started off with only having a presence in Denmark and has quickly expanded to Sweden, Finland, Germany, and France. This collaboration demonstrated scalability to support growth plans, with Brightvision going from one consultant to 12 within a year. We managed to book 1354 meetings, close 153 new deals and generated a revenue of 2 495 000 SEK. 

Brightvision's marketing experts have helped the legal tech company achieve:

61 % Revenue contribution
2 495 000 Generated revenue of yearly subscrition (SEK)
1 354 Booked meetings

Success factors of the collaboration

The collaboration between the legal tech company and Brightvision was successful due to several reasons:

Scalable support & tech market expertise 

Brightvision's consultants provided support to meet the client's growth plans to scale up quickly. With just one consultant to start with, it was possible to expand the client's business and gain market share in different countries and markets within the span of just a year.

Senior local consultants

Brightvision's native-speaking sales consultants possess an extensive understanding of how to succeed in each local tech market, which was a factor that spurred success in the collaboration with the legal tech company.

Sales team management & training

Throughout the collaboration with the legal tech company, the project leader from Brightvision's end was continuously training and motivating the team of Brightvision consultants to lay out the basis for successful growth. This was so appreciated by the client that he was also brought in to help their in-house sales team.

Brightvision Service Used: Inside Sales

The inside sales service is tailored for B2B companies looking to expand into new markets. Companies can minimize upfront investments and maintain agility by outsourcing inside sales work to Brightvision. Brightvision provides a multi-channel strategy, marketing campaigns, and full-service sales professionals who know European B2B sales.

We have the ability to approach a range of different markets within the tech industry by using a combination of inbound marketing, prospecting, and social selling to locate new, qualified prospects. We can then follow up on these by establishing skilled, native-speaking sales teams. Through the inside sales service, the Brightvision team takes care of the whole sales funnel, from prospecting to closing deals for the client, and recruitment to find the right sales consultant profiles to help achieve desired outcomes.

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