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Qt - Unleashing Limitless Scalability

Explore how Brightvision unlocked the potential of Qt 6 through a compelling campaign. We created an animated video, an infographic, and an eBook to vividly illustrate the concept of "Limitless Scalability" with Qt 6, demonstrating how it enables designers and developers to "Code once. Create more. Deploy everywhere." Dive into our creative journey that brought the endless possibilities of Qt 6 to life.



Qt 6 and its limitless scalability is everything you need to design, develop, and deploy software for your entire product line. However, finding new and engaging ways to present this topic can be challenging. That's where we come in. Our client, Qt, tasked us with creating an animated video, an infographic, and an E-book that showcase the benefits of Qt 6 and limitless scalability.

Insights & Concept Creation

Through our research and discussions, we discovered that the true power of Qt 6 lies in its ability to scale horizontally and vertically, enabling designers and developers to create more. This realization led to the creation of our unique concept: "Imagine what you can do when the possibilities are limitless" and that you can " Code once. Create more. Deploy everywhere.". We wanted to convey the feeling that nothing is impossible, on the contrary – the possibilities are limitless. And what else is limitless? Space – which became a strong element in the campaign's design. With the concept in mind, we developed three different content pieces – where all had the same visual identity and written tonality.​​​​​​​

Animated video

The animated video educates the audience about the full capabilities of the Qt 6 software and the concept of "Limitless Scalability." The video is divided into three sections: Problem, Agitation, and Solution. We first present common issues in design and software development to create recognition of why these problems are halting development. Then, we present the solution to these issues. With easy-to-understand animations and a voice-over guiding the viewer through the different stages of both horizontal and vertical scaling, we help educate the audience on the Qt 6 solution and the importance of limitless scalability.


The eBook further fleshes out the concept of “limitless scalability” and why it should matter to development teams. We then present the Qt solution and explain how it works, all within the context of scaling development for speed, accuracy, and cross-compatibility.




Our infographic built upon the animated video, delving deeper into how Qt 6 empowers its users to overcome their challenges and highlighting its unique benefits. We ensured consistency throughout the campaign by keeping the same style and tone in creating the infographic. The infographic's layout is divided into two main sections, horizontal and vertical, to visually demonstrate the limitless scalability of Qt 6's capabilities.


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