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XM Reality: Real support in a virtual way

Dive into how Brightvision transformed the way inspections are conducted with XMReality. Our project involved creating an engaging infographic and an animated video to illustrate the innovative virtual inspection solutions offered by XMReality. This case study showcases our journey in highlighting XMReality's ability to conduct thorough and efficient remote inspections, changing the landscape of service and maintenance.



Conducting real inspections can be challenging, especially when the location is far away or when multiple inspections are required in a single day. XMReality has a solution that addresses these issues. We were tasked with creating an infographic that educates the target audience about XMReality's solution and increases awareness by providing statistics and information.

Insights & Concept Creation

Through our research, we discovered that XMReality's true strength lies in its ability to perform complete and approved inspections remotely. This realization led to the creation of our unique concept: "Inspect Your Inspection Method". Our idea is to help inspection companies evaluate their own inspection methods. By using the traditional inspection form as inspiration, we aim to ask whether their methods are modern enough and if they have adopted Industry 4.0. XMReality is the solution to these pain points. It's time to shift to virtual visits and inspections! Infographic.

We are super satisfied working with Brightvision! There has always been clear and straightforward communication during the project, and we have constantly felt that Brightvision has taken great responsibility and done their utmost to deliver on what we have agreed upon. Additionally, we had a lot of fun together, which is a big plus!”
XM Reality

Animated Video

The animated video was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the ease of interaction between a service technician and client using XMReality's service. To achieve this, we presented a storyboard to XMReality for review, featuring a flat 2D animation style and a manuscript to be read by a voice actor. The final product effectively compares the traditional, manual approach to maintenance with the virtual and AR-powered method offered by XMReality. The video highlights how the virtual inspection method allows the client to solve issues independently, eliminating the need for a physical visit from a technician. Additionally, key features such as on-screen drawing, visual indicators, and augmented reality are emphasized to showcase the benefits of using XMReality's service.



The infographic presents XMReality's solution in a step-by-step flow, like a journey. It addresses the challenges and problems, provides a solution, and highlights the results. The process goes from being highly manual, car-dependent, and resource-intensive to being virtual, flexible, and efficient. The infographic also emphasizes the benefits of XMReality, such as reducing stress and time pressure, improving customer satisfaction, and being environmentally friendly. We used a darker tone for the challenges and problems and a brighter tone for the solution and results to create a sense of how XMReality can brighten a company's future.

“...Brightvision has taken great responsibility and done their utmost to deliver on what we have agreed upon. Additionally, we had a lot of fun together, which is a big plus!

XM Reality

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