Increase your sales email open rates by 35 percent

Are your open rates struggling? Can you hear an echo when you open your inbox? Then perhaps it's time to freshen up your approach to sales emails. Steli Efti, CEO of Close.io, shares his secrets behind sales email success to help you improve open rates and get the responses you want.

Learn the fundamental errors SaaS companies make in their email campaigns today, why the old tactics and hacks won't work anymore and how to get your SaaS sales email game to the next level.

In this webinar Steli covers:

  • What subject lines are the most effective and why

  • How to craft your copy in a way that gets a response

  • What’s the best practice for CTAs

  • How to use the power of the follow-up

  • ...and many more sales secrets that will help you write killer sales emails!

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Steli Efti

High school dropout, Y Combinator alumni, CEO of Close.io, and author of six sales books. Through undeniable hustle and extreme talent, Steli Efti has become Silicon Valley's very own sales golden boy.