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On-demand Webinar

Going from Start-up to Scale-up – A webinar about growth driven marketing for emerging B2B tech products

Learn the foundations of how to use the right marketing strategy for a new B2B tech offering.

Do you work as a CEO, Sales Manager or Marketing Manager at a tech start-up? If you want to grow sales fast, you need to consider 2 things. First, you can’t scale before you have something scalable to offer. Second, when you scale, you need to align your growth strategy and tactics to where the offering is in the "Technology Adoption Life Cycle". So, how do you do that?  

Join this 35-minute webinar together with Jakob Löwenbrand, CEO of Brightvision and specialist in B2B tech marketing, and learn the foundations of how to use the right marketing strategy and tactics for a new B2B tech offering.  

You will learn:  

  • How to analyze your product’s phase in the Technology adoption life cycle 
  • How to adapt your “go-to-market plan” accordingly choosing the right marketing strategy and tactics 
  • What tactics to focus on in the different phases of a new tech offering  
  • Some examples of common mistakes when establishing a new tech offering on the market 



Jakob Löwenbrand 



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