3 exciting B2B lead generation trends you need to know

Fredrik Gunnarsson • 20 Sep, 2019


Regarding lead generation, the best is yet to come. Especially if you are looking forward to a better, faster and more qualitative lead generation, both for inbound and outbound.

Here are 3 points that conclude the biggest trends within lead generation right now:

  1. Get familiar with the concept “remote sales”. Digitalization has already affected how we work with sales and marketing, but now it’s time to shape your strategies primarily in line with remote sales, since this is the future of lead generation.

    Big IT companies as well as growing startups are investing in a completely digitalized customer journey. They host a web meeting, schedule a follow up email and send interesting content in the same time as the traditional salesperson drive their car to the customer at the other end of the city.

  2. Inside sales, BDR, SDR (we have many names for the things we love). A sales and marketing hybrid that can communicate with leads. Social media, email, phone and online meetings are some of the channels that can be used. This means higher efficiency and lower cost.

    This job isn’t for anyone. Just being able to pick up the phone is not enough (has it ever been?). Computer experience, business understanding and the ability to do web demos and web meetings is what you are looking for! We call them “Mini marketeers”.

  3. Tools for lead generation. Today’s salespeople have been pretty bad at learning new techniques. This is partly due to the fact that they believe that the CRM-system doesn’t help them in their everyday job. The CRM-system has been seen as a system just for reporting and monitoring. Thousands of sales and marketing apps are available, but they demand accurate integration and education.

Those who will find the right tools and learn how to master them, will have superpowers against their old school colleagues. A salesperson that aims to be tomorrow’s superman, should get familiar with solutions in the following areas:  

  • Web meetings
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email cadences and templates
  • Social media
  • Prospecting
  • Tracking and analysis
  • Deal and agreements 

As a teaser I can also mention that I don’t believe that the revolution is in the big and complex system, but rather in the small and innovative. Today you can have apps that uses AI to help you book meetings and reply to emails. They are getting smarter each day, and the potential time you can save is tremendously high. Within a couple of years this will be as common as the smartphone is today.

So, I wish you the best of luck with your new approach. Let me know if you want to discuss how we can help assist you on your journey. Or learn more about B2B lead generation here!




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