Our work 

The goal was to generate leads and build awareness around the new brand . In order to to succeed and reach this goal, we made the decision to use an inbound driven campaign focusing on providing the right content, to the right target group, in the right time, with telemarketing as an integrated part. The work we did can be divided in eight categories (see below). 


#1. Persona and target definition 

We started the campaign with identifying the target group by creating 3 different persona for the campaign. This was done by market research as well as interviews with sales people at Gibon.  




#2. Content creation 

We used existing pre-made content to drive leads, and we re-branded the content aligned with Gibon’s graphical profile (also called "white label content"). This way we could quickly produce and launch different content assets.

The main content promoted was a whitepaper called “Start your journey towards digital change” and was created to help companies to take the first steps into the new and modern workplace. We also created a one-pager checklist used as follow-up content and nurturing purpose. 
#3. Converting landing pages 


The landing page is a pivotal component of the campaign, driving leads to convert by using forms. By using SharpSpring Marketing Automation system, we were able to gather all information like website visits, conversation rate, list  etc in one place.



#4. Digital advertising

We created social posts to drive leads to each landing page/premium content, customizing each social content after the partners audience target and persona. We used both paid social (sponsored) and organic posts in channels like LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Skärmavbild 2018-02-21 kl. 13.39.14


#5. Email marketing & nurturing

To ensure maximum relevance for the partners’ target audiences, each email was personalized. Within the MA-system we used email nurturing to convert leads from unqualified leads to MQLs using an email nurture workflow cadence consisting of three emails containing consideration stage content and new call to actions.

Email examples: 




 #7. Video creation

We created a ”KIT-film” for the campaign as a complementary to the banners on social media, as videos works great to generate traffic to landing pages.


#8. Blog

The blog article was an important part to drive the organic traffic and leads to the landing pages offers. With a clear call-to-action in the post, we were able to point the visitors to the downloadable content and generate leads.


#9. Telemarketing

To qualify the leads coming in from the inbound campaign, we used our telemarketing team and Inside Sales specialists. After someone becomes a lead, our SDRs called and  qualified  the lead. Depending on the outcome, we routed the qualified leads to Gibon's sales department. If the lead was not qualified, we kept it in our process for further nurturing.