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Webinar on demand

On-Demand Webinar: How not to screw up your ABM programme

Webinar together with Bev Burgess Senior Vice President & Global ABM Practice Leader, ITSMA. Just three letters represent one of the most powerful marketing techniques ever developed: ABM. Everyone’s doing it, and you have heard about the legendary ROI that ABM programs deliver. So, you plan to give it a go. How hard can it be? Very.

In this webinar together with Bev Burgess – Senior Vice President & Global ABM Practice Leader at ITSMA – you’ll learn about the ways in which others have screwed up their programs, and get practical tips to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

In this webinar you will also learn how to: 

  • Partner with sales and align your program with the business
  • Look beyond marketing qualified leads
  • Choose the right accounts for your program
  • Get the resources and funding you need
  • Avoid jumping straight into tactics
  • Leverage the technology you have available

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About Bev Burgess

Author of ‘A Practitioner’s Guide to ABM’ (Kogan Page, 2017), Bev leads ITSMA’s ABM practice, shaping this new category of B2B marketing through collaborative research, articles, training and public speaking. She enjoys helping marketers all over the world design, launch and scale the right blend of ABM for their business.

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