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How to use Content To Maximize Lead Generation & Close More Deals

For B2B companies, having a content marketing strategy is no longer sufficient to generate great inbound leads. In fact, the question to focus on is: how can you actually produce content to generate high quality leads?  The key is this; you have to produce high quality content. It is THE differentiating factor to stand out from your competition and maximize lead generation.


In this session Clarice Lin will cover the following:

  • Why everyone in your company owns a stake in your content strategy 

  • What content does your audience actually need

  • How a deep understanding of your audience personas plays a huge role in your high-quality content creation plan

  • How to identify warm and hot leads using targeted content to maximize lead generation

  • How to seal the deal in the post-content follow-ups 

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About Clarice Lin:

Known as The ROI Doctor, Clarice Lin is the Founder of BaselineLabs. She is a Marketing Strategist and Content-Analytics Expert with over 15 years of experience working with small businesses, large corporations and Fortune 500 companies. Today, she is helping business owners grow their revenues with practical and creative marketing strategies to attract highly qualified customers.


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