[Event on-demand] Smarter Go-To-Market Strategies for B2B Sales & Marketing Teams

How to hit your pipeline goals - a free virtual event on April 28th.

As Sales & Marketing leaders you are fully aware that pipeline goals keep growing! Learn the proven steps to quickly fill your pipeline with high quality opportunities that are bigger, will close faster and make 2022 your strongest year yet.

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Join account-based experts from Brightvision and Demandbase, as they walk through the essential steps to optimise your go-to-market strategy in 2022 including;

  • Data foundation – from building your total addressable market, ICP, to target account lists.
  • Engaging your buyers – using personalisation at scale.
  • Activating your sales team – enabling smarter sellers and faster closers.
  • Measurement & metrics – proving success of your programs and what to invest more, and less, in to optimize results.

The Agenda

Unlock the secrets to achieving skyrocketing growth
Paul Gibson, VP International, Demandbase

Today’s B2B buying is conducted almost entirely online — and most of it happens out of your view. Making matters worse, the technology that’s supposed to help you understand and connect with your buyers is scattered across dozens of disconnected systems, blurring account-level insight and view of the buyer journey.

Paul will cover how to spot in-market opportunities sooner. Progress them faster. And hit your pipeline goals quarter after quarter.

How to use Data and Account Intelligence for Smarter Go-To-Market
Paul Gibson, VP International, Demandbase

Demandbase injects Account Intelligence into every step of the buyer journey and orchestrates every action. We call it Smarter GTM™ … and it changes everything.

Demandbase One gives you everything you need in one complete go-to-market package with cloud solutions for Advertising, Account-Based Experience, Sales Intelligence, and Data. See how you can streamline your go-to-market and deliver a better buying experience.

ABM - From Pilot to Programme
Maike Zimmermann, ABM Strategist & Digital Project Manager, Brightvision

In this session you will learn more about how to build a long-term ABM strategy and execute a pilot campaign. We will explore examples from B2B Tech companies and identify best practices in building an ABM strategy. Learn how to balance short-term and long-term needs and activities.

Orchestrating a Multinational Outbound SDR Team Successfully
Jakob Löwenbrand, CEO & Founder, Brightvision

Learn how to execute efficient outbound campaigns with a multinational SDR team. With learnings from two decades you will find out what works well and why. Jakob will share both strategies and tactics to get the sales success that will help grow your business.


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