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[eBook] The tech CMO's guide to content production

A strategic eBook for marketing managers at tech companies that will help you generate more qualified leads using the right content strategy. 

Working as a marketing manager at tech company presents special challenges when it comes to content creation. A common mistake is that you only are trying to convert prospects that are ready to buy at that exact moment, and you miss out on all the prospects who aren’t ready to buy just right now – but might be in the future.  Meaning you can miss out on a lot of business.

This 25-page guide is designed to empower marketing managers and CMOs like you, to navigate in the jungle of content production in the B2B tech world and deliver high-quality leads throughout the buyer’s journey over time.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • The essentials of the inbound marketing methodology
  • The best hacks to optimize your content for an IT manager
  • How to create the content you want most effectively

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