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The most effective lead generation program for complex B2B industrial companies in 2021

Do you work as a sales or marketing manager at an industrial B2B company and struggle to generate leads with high quality? Do you face challenges of complex products, international markets, technical buyers and long sales cycles? We have generated leads for some of the largest tech companies in the world for over two decades – and understand your challenges and how to overcome them. Attend this webinar and get our insights on how to create a modern lead generation program that delivers qualified leads and closed deals.

During this webinar you will also learn:

  • How to sell more to your target accounts using Account Based Marketing (ABM)
  • How to align sales and marketing for an effective lead generation process
  • How to convert more leads using both telemarketing and inbound marketing   
  • The importance of having a Sales Development Representative (SDR) in complex sales cycles

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Rickard Thyrfalk, Head Of Sales at Brightvision & Jakob Löwenbrand, CEO at Brightvision

About Brightvision

We have more than 20 years’ experience in generating leads to the tech companies – which makes us specialists in this market. We cover a broad market geographically – offering lead generation services as inbound marketing, telemarketing, account based marketing, partner marketing and paid media in all Europe. 


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