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Smarter ABM: Increase Performance and Save Time

Stop wasting time. Pinpoint the tastiest targets with AI and intent - a free webinar on August 25th at 2 PM CEST.

You’re under more pressure than ever to hit your pipeline and revenue numbers. But who has time to spend up to a quarter of your day trying to pick the right accounts to target?

Enter Smarter GTM™. The secret sauce that injects deep Account Intelligence into every step of the buyer journey. You’ll spot opportunities earlier, engage more intelligently, and your sales team will close deals faster.

Join account-based expert Leanne Chescoe, Senior Manager Field Marketing EMEA at Demandbase, as she walks you through the ways and tips and trick on how you can make your ABM strategy smarter.

Leanne bw

Leanne Chescoe
Senior Manager Field Marketing EMEA

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